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Welcome to our new family member :)

Our family has finally increased from 2 to 3 with the addition of Ziva, our Japanese Spitz

She’s not sleeping through the night just yet – but is slowly learning that crying/barking/whining doesn’t get our attention and that if she is hungry or after a treat – she comes up to you and sits her cute butt on the ground 🙂

Just a little over 12 weeks old and I think we’re handling things ok – I’m a little anxious about being responsible for another soul/life – but made up totally by puppy cuddles 🙂

Of course, being a Spitz breed, she’s totally independent and doesn’t like doing something she doesn’t want to do!

On the TTC front, 9dpo and for the last 2 days I’ve been feeling nauseated all day (and hungry which doesn’t make for a great combination) and dead tired – I feel almost like the walking dead.  I don’t think it’s puppy duties – she sleeps most of the day, heck I’ve tried sleeping during the day!  And to top things off – a cold sore started developing this morning 😦

Thank goodness I go to acupuncture tomorrow – I can certainly use the nap!


Hi! My name is Ziva :)

Brew Man and I would like to introduce the newest member of our family – Ziva!

She was born 4 Jan 2011 and is a Capricorn like Brew Man and I.  She’s very inquisitve – but doesn’t need to be the centre of attention.  This will be perfect for when I’m working from home and she’ll be in a play pen or crate in my office 🙂  She’s about the size of a football right now and very adorable!

Ziva comes home in the first week of April after her 2nd vaccination and vet checkup.  So far we have a few chew toys and crate, but we still need to pick up a bed, lead and collar and a few more cuddly toys.  We’re booked in for puppy school as well.

And just because I can’t resist – here are some more pics of her cousins 🙂  (Ziva is from a different litter)

Baby dust to all 🙂

Selecting a dog breed

Brew Man is keen on getting a dog some time this year – but he had some stipulations about characteristics of the breed:

  1. Not continual shedders of hair
  2. Big enough so that they can’t fit through the pool-style fencing that runs along our boundary
  3. Small enough that they can’t jump over the 1.2m (4 ft) pool-style fencing
  4. Not really yappy – we have a public path around our boundary that’s part of a neighbourhood walking trail
  5. An outside-only dog – mainly because his brother has 2 labs they let inside and the house has a noticeable “wet dog” odour
  6. Friendly with other family members and neighbours once they had been introduced

That list almost seemed unachievable!

A neighbour lent me a comprehensive book on dog breeds and after combing through it and some google searches once I narrowed down my choices – I’ve got my heart set on a Japanese Spitz

This is a pic of an adult

And during the puppy stage

They almost look like a mini-Samoyed with the same happy smile (so adorable!).  And they meet all of Brew Man’s requirements

  1. Shed hair only once (males) or twice (females) a year – during this period you brush them daily to remove dead hair – otherwise they don’t shed
  2. Puppies might squeeze through our fence but we’ll chicken wire the fence until big enough that they won’t fit through
  3. Japanese Spitz love agility work but aren’t keen on jumping really high
  4. Great temperament dog – according to breeders I’ve spoken with, they tend only to bark when a stranger is actually in their territory (rather than just approaching it) – perfect since we’ll have plenty of people walking past our house
  5. I got Brew Man to compromise on this one!  Japanese Spitz are great as inside dogs as long as they’re well trained.  The lack of shedding made it easier to convince Brew Man that we could have a dog that would be allowed indoors (ground floor of our house only – not the bedrooms upstairs).  They also don’t have traditional “doggy odour” since they’re coat is silk-based – means that if dirty – they just need to try off, then brushed and the dirt will fall out of their coat.  They also don’t need a lot of baths – 3-4 a year (monthly only if they’re show/competition dogs)
  6. The breed is good if introduced to new people – not so big that they might accidentally knock down my 1.5 yr old nephew or my MIL who suffers from 3 forms of arthritis (she has to be careful around my BIL’s labs)

Some reading and chatting with friends who have dogs informed me that the first 4-6 weeks of puppy training is crucial – so we’ll need to wait for the right “us-available” and “puppy-available” combination – most likely June/July or Nov/Dec (I lecture at a university and this is when students are on break and it’s easier to work from home).

Now I just need to get the damn PhD finished!  Back to the grindstone….