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The full moon is coming

Tuesday 17 May is the full moon – and if you’ve been reading some of my posts – that means one thing….


Yep – running around stark naked in my back yard soaking up moon rays 🙂 

In Australia the weather is turning towards winter and we are having very cold nights – that has some positives – none of the neighbours are likely to be outside!  And it gives us a great excuse to get busy to warm up 😉

Baby dust on the full moon to all!


Not just a full moon!

Saturday night will be a Super Moon – the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1992.  Superstition says it heralds disaster – but the moon has always played a role in fertility.

Just like the moon affects the oceans and rivers in the form of tides – it can also affect anything that has a water content – like our bodies!  If you ever want your hair to grow faster – trim it in the 3 days leading up to the full moon.  The reverse applies as well – I once had a bad hair cut the day after the full moon and my hair grew so sloooowly.  It can get a bit more complex – with different signs of the moon – but that’s the general gist.

Anyways – I ramble – back to the moon!

Last month, a group of us on a TTC thread in the lovely Simple Savings forum decided to support a fellow member whose fertile period fell on the full moon by doing a nudie run. 


Standing around in our backyards NAKED.  Starkers.  Sans garments.

Crazy you might say – but as many of you know, after long term TTC – you’re willing to give anything a go.

Now – there were no positive results – no one managed to get the big BFP that cycle – but it was a fantastically fun thing to do.  It felt amazingly free and wonderful.

Don’t worry – I’m not about to go join a nudist colony – but it was exhilarating!! (I’ve never been much of a public exhibitionist)

So – this Saturday we have another full moon – and I send a request out to the blogsphere to invite women everywhere to get naked in your back yards (or front yards if you don’t have neighbours!) and soak up some moon rays 🙂

Full Moon Nudie Run!

I can safely say that there were no complaints to the police after my 2 nudie runs last night 🙂

10.30pm but it was quite over cast and we didn’t see the actual moon.

2.30am (Brew Man woke me up when he saw the moon out the window) and the moon was nice and bright 🙂

I’ve never done a nudie run before and it was felt amazing – very free and wild!  I strongly suggest it 🙂

It’s CD 6

Readers might know that I have a fairly sucky uterus – the lining seems to measure thick enough on an internal u/s – but my period flow is low.

Like I might be lucky to fill 3 sanitary pads over the first 2 days and then I just spot old blood (TMI I know – I just don’t feel like filtering today) for 4-5 days.

I’m pretty sure that’s not normal – I remember going through 3 pads a day from when I was 15 through till my early 20s when I moved onto the contraceptive rod (that was a mistake!) and then the pill. 

But for the last 3 yrs it’s been pretty crap.

I was completely surprised when yesterday (CD5) I actually had fresh blood!  Not a lot – just enough to fill a panty liner – but seriously?!? 

Let me see what I did last cycle – uh, I drank, ate lots of unhealthy things (tiramisu, heaps of pizza, fried chicken, ice cream, soft drink) – and barely had any sex (twice).  I’ve been super stressed out about my PhD thesis and work and family and infertility.

I’ve got 2 options – it’s a freak occurrence and I shouldn’t get my hopes up; or it could be a sign things are staring to turn the corner.

In any case – I’m trying to NOT dwell on it and focus on what lies ahead.

Tonight is the full moon and a few friends in an IF support group are going to do a nudie run in our own backyards – hopefully soaking up some of the magic of the moon 🙂  

It will be a bit tricky as my backyard doesn’t have high fences – just a low 1.2m (4 ft) pool fence – but I’m determined (and hopefully no one decides late at night to walk on the public path that goes around my backyard).

I shall report back tomorrow with hopefully an unadventurous and plain old boring, neighbourless story!