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Welcome to our new family member :)

Our family has finally increased from 2 to 3 with the addition of Ziva, our Japanese Spitz

She’s not sleeping through the night just yet – but is slowly learning that crying/barking/whining doesn’t get our attention and that if she is hungry or after a treat – she comes up to you and sits her cute butt on the ground 🙂

Just a little over 12 weeks old and I think we’re handling things ok – I’m a little anxious about being responsible for another soul/life – but made up totally by puppy cuddles 🙂

Of course, being a Spitz breed, she’s totally independent and doesn’t like doing something she doesn’t want to do!

On the TTC front, 9dpo and for the last 2 days I’ve been feeling nauseated all day (and hungry which doesn’t make for a great combination) and dead tired – I feel almost like the walking dead.  I don’t think it’s puppy duties – she sleeps most of the day, heck I’ve tried sleeping during the day!  And to top things off – a cold sore started developing this morning 😦

Thank goodness I go to acupuncture tomorrow – I can certainly use the nap!


1 dpo

Yesterday, my weekly acupuncture appointment confirmed ovulation – yay!  The last couple of cycles we’ve been lax in the baby dancing department – every 2nd day – but luckily our fertile period started on the Friday and we managed to BD every day – yay!  My TCM practitioner was very impressed with our dedication.  After a few cycles of being lax and going every 2nd day, I think it made it a little easier. 

We have had cycles of daily sex from CD 8 through to 16 or 17 and that (coupled with work and household duties) just feels like too much. 

There was an interesting lesson learned over the weekend – shower sex is certainly not as easy as it appears on TV!  Brew Man is 6’3″, I’m 5’3″ and we almost killed ourselves!!  If anyone has any tips I’d love to read them 🙂

I’m also back on the powdered Chinese herbs this cycle.  If you see an older-trained TCM practitioner (especially ones trained in China) – you’ll probably be on raw herbs that need to be cooked.  They’re bulky, take lots of preparation and cooking them in your kitchen stinks out the whole house.  I was taking some when seeing a different practitioner at the end of last year – but they threw my very predictable cycles out of whack.

So I’m back on powdered herbs from Sun Ten – they’re concentrated, so to take them I warm a small glass of water, add the prescribed number of spoons of powder, stir and drink.  A lot easier than raw herbs.

The other alternative is to take Black Pearl pills (also made by Sun Ten) – the only draw back is they might not be strong enough.  The pills are tiny – small ball bearing size.

On the good news front – our puppy Ziva comes home on Saturday 🙂 

I’ve never owned a pet other than fish before – so I’m feeling a little paranoid.  We’re enrolled to start puppy pre-school on Monday nights and I’m listening to some dog training podcasts to make sure I don’t do anything that might get Ziva into a bad habit that would be difficult to break her out of.

In a move that many would probably criticise, she’ll be toilet trained to an indoor toilet from when she comes home (3 months) until the age of 6-8 months.  I do work from home 3.5 days a week, then I’m at the office for 1.5 days – so it’s more to get her into a routine for the 1.5 days when we’re not at home. 

I have installed a dog door for her, but I’ve been advised not to allow puppies outside on their own until they reach 6 months. 

That being said, she’ll be trained to pee indoors but we’ll also allow her to go outside if we’re already out there.

Someone said to me that last weekend was our last weekend as a family unit of 2 – felt nice hearing that 🙂

Baby dust to all (and remember, fingers crossed, legs open!)


Wind/Heat is the TCM diagnosis for the common cold – sore throat, fever, headache, runny or stuffy nose. 

Yesterday I had the sore throat and runny nose.

Today is the sore throat, headache and stuffy nose!

I’m taking Yin Qiao San in a tablet form to disperse the Wind/Heat – luckily Brew Man had some left over from a previous cold and an after hours text to our TCM practitioner to check whether they were safe to take in case we are lucky enough to be pregnant.

I’ll do some acupressure as well today – the points are listed below are for general application (though the ones marked with an * are not for use during pregnancy)

  • LI 4*, LI 11 for fever
  • LI 18/CV 22 for sore throat
  • Triple Heater 5 for dispelling wind/heat (sometimes called TE5)
  • GV 14 for fever

Diet therapy recommendations are plenty of soups and stay away from Heat inducing foods – spicy, fatty, rich, sugary, dairy – and stick to Cooling foods – fruits, veggies.  I do need to be careful since the uterus requires warming – so I can’t over-cool things. 

I’ve got a whole chicken simmering to make soup, some soup stock and rice simmering to make congee (rice porridge) and I’ll prepare some veggie laden won tons later in the day.

Hope this goes away soon – I hate feeling sick!


Brew Man and I are on a break of “less scrutinised” TTC until I finish my thesis.  There have been positives – not needing to worry about peeing on an OPK twice a day, not worrying if I forgot to take my temperature, indulging in non-TTC friendly items (sugary sweets, dairy – oh I missed cheese! and the occassional drink), not feeling forced to get busy.

Overall it’s been great – but here I am at 11dpo with friggin early symptoms – breast tenderness & heart burn (not always after eating). 

I’m not complaining – but it is sort of strange.

Oh – and it’s Brew Man’s birthday on Friday, mine on Saturday – so I’m due to get AF for my birthday 🙂 

Oh please higher powers of the universe – grant me a BFP on my birthday!

Grrr – UTIs!

A friend who is heavily pregnant told me that she’s hating the constant UTIs she’s getting – she’s been through infertility and is a doula as well.

But I am truly sick and tired of them!  Almost every cycle I get a UTI in my 2WW – according to my TCM practitioner, it’s my Yin Deficiency allowing excess heat to get into my system that is causing the problem.  I take every other precaution to prevent the bloody UTI during our fertile period – pee before sex, pee after sex, make sure I shower after sex.  Of course, any pharmacy medication for UTIs isn’t conception or pregnancy safe – so I religiously drink cranberry juice and plenty of water.  I stay away from heat-inducing fatty and sugary foods. 

Thankfully it’s only bad in the morning and after about 11am I can leave the house without feeling like I need a bathroom every 20 minutes.

It’s like having all the fun of pregnancy without the joy of actually expecting a baby at the end of it.

Anyone have any other suggestions on tips to deal with it?