IFers who cross over

I’m feeling hammered and beaten down by pregnancy announcements on FB, or finding out an acquaintance is a few weeks away from their due date.

Even announcements on IF blogs are giving me the peeves.

Am I happy for someone who has been through IF to finally get their dream come true?  Yes

Am I angry at myself for being broken?  Yes

Brew Man hates it when I call myself broken.  But I am.  There is nothing wrong with his swimmers – they’re apparently in the top percentiles for quality.  Instead, there’s something wrong with my oven – and no body knows what the problem is so it can’t be fixed. 

I fall into the “unknown” category.

And you know what – now that I’ve written that – having an “unknown cause” diagnosis is what is really giving me the shits.  I’m not annoyed that there’s something wrong – I’m annoyed that I don’t know what’s wrong.

Anyways – back to blogs – does anyone continue to follow an IF blog once that person gets their BFP?  I thought I could do it – but … I can’t. 

Same reason why I hide people I know are PG on FB – I really don’t want to read about how terrible morning sickness is or how big their cankles are.  Why depress myself?

Does un-following someone who gets their BFP make me a terrible person?


4 responses to “IFers who cross over

  1. no my love it does not make you a “bad person” – it’s called survival. it’s called self protection. it’s about keeping your heart from hurting, more than it is about not being happy or supportive of the person who just got their bfp.

    i have and do follow a few blogs of people who have gotten their bfp – i tolerate it for as long as i can, i weather the the barrage of sadness that sweeps over me when i read their posts about their progressing pregnancy, their growing baby and when i can no longer read their posts without crying – that’s when i know enough is enough and i no longer read.

    i fall into the “unknown” catergory as well and for me at least, this is worse than knowing what is wrong. if you know what’s wrong, what’s preventing you from becoming a mumma, at least you can take steps to *hopefully* overcome it/them. having no idea what’s wrong – how can you tackle that? how can you overcome something that isn’t apparently there?

    sending you BIG SQUISHY hugs my friend – this post i, unfortunately, get all too well.


  2. No, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s totally and completely acceptable. If it’s okay, I’ll still follow your journey, but I fully understand if you don’t want to follow mine anymore.

    And there have been a boatload of BFPs this week–your peevishness is totally warranted. Hugs.

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