A good old chat

A few weeks ago I posted my concerns about how I was going to deal with my neighbour who is now 12 weeks pregnant.

Rach (over at The Miss Ruby) suggested just sitting down for a chat and laying it all out.  Brew Man agreed that this was a good idea – but I’ve been a little chicken about getting around to it.

So on Friday – I did it.  We had a chat after work – I explained that if sometimes I don’t comment on a related FB post or if sometimes I seem a little distant – it wasn’t that I didn’t care, more that it was hard to see someone go through what we so desperately want.  She knows our history (she was a borrower of my lucky fertility books) and was worried about offending us. 

And you know what? 

I am actually really comfortable being around her and the bump. 

I’m excited and really happy for them.

I’m not apprehensive or jealous or angry.

Surprised?  I am!  I don’t know why, since with other pregnancies at my work place it has been really tough, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

ETA: Brew Man just read this post (on my request) and had an insight.  Perhaps I’m having these positive feelings because I genuinely like our neighbours – more than I like my in-law siblings – and that facilitates my genuine happiness.  He’s pretty insightful 🙂


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