Handling the next 7 months

My next door neighbour is 10 weeks pregnant and goes for her first OB appointment tomorrow.  She has been one of my “lucky fertility book” recipients.

They announced to us and another couple at 5 weeks, they’ve told their folks but not a lot of other people – no FB announcement just yet!

Usually with FB I simply hide somone from my newsfeed.  At work I avoid people and communicate via the phone or email.  But how do I handle someone I see almost daily?  They helped us landscape our front yard, we’ve helped them with theirs.  Most weekends our neighbours some how meet up on someone’s front lawn for a chat about happenings in our area.

Right now I’m feeling ok.  There’s no bump to actively remind me.  But what do I do when there IS a bump? 

Could I turn around and walk the other way each time we run into each other?  Not sure that’s feasible – I don’t want to be rude.  Maybe just look to the side of her?

Any suggestions on dealing with someone else’s pregnancy every day?

(I feel disgusted by a tiny part of me that hopes for a blighted ovum – ugh I hate myself for being jealous)


4 responses to “Handling the next 7 months

  1. the first thing i would do is sit down and have a chat with her. explain that while you ARE delighted and happy for her, that it might be hard for you during the next 7 months to be in her company sometimes.

    be honest. lay it bare. speak from the heart, if you explain then on those days where you just can’t deal with a preggo bump – and as you know they will happen – she will have a better understanding of why.

    sending you big hugs!


  2. AnnaEsperanza

    Wow, Rach had a great idea about just laying it all out there!

    All I was going to say is if I can’t ignore the person, I try to ignore the pregnancy (as much as possible). It will come up, but no sense on focusing it more than necessary and making yourself miserable.

    Best of luck!

  3. Rachael O'Donnell

    I wish I had some helpful advice for dealing with this, but I find it so hard to deal with this situation even when not facing it everyday. I think Rach may have it right that honesty is always best. Hiding our feelings all of the time and having to pretend we are okay is exhausting and not fair. A true friend should be able to give you the space and understanding you need. Good luck.

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